Apart from passion and vigor, you should possess some knowledge of the matter and be able to interpret the results in the best way possible. Testing is done in a lab with various equipment to find the cannabinoids and terpene percentages and not by actually consuming the various cannabis products. I no weed like the back of my hand. I need an income and smoking is one of the things I do best , This is a great job for me so do u apply for the job. . The necessities? and contact the company that needs more crops and is willing to pay for the harvest. The official start date for this position is June 1, 2021. I guess i wouldnt qualify because im disabled. "Vaporizers are legal throughout the United States, but testers should only use the expense budget for marijuana if they are in a state in which the smoking of marijuana is legal, or if they have the appropriate medical marijuana licence as dictated by the laws of their state. Another example is Kayla Gerber, who was chosen among 25,000 applicants and is getting paid $50 an hour for her skills. Hi there. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check out new job posts by cannabis companies on https://loudcloudhealth.com/resources/get-paid-to-smoke-weed/ or check some of the options we have listed above. with your amateur photos, you could be eligible for becoming an official marijuana model. Simple as that! I have liver damage due to lifelong pain medication without it I would have no quality of life. Here is how you apply:Applicants must send a bio/resume and head shot or a 60 second intro video so we can learn more about you. . took feldene for 20 plus years and now i have kideny damage,,cant take any anti inflamtorys ever again. Still, if youve got a green thumb, you may give it a try. You must be able to make your own travel arrangements to the test site. Yes, its entirely possible with these awesome. I would love a job like this! Well, so do the others! Remote work from home option * 100% Commission Pay ONLY * Provide full training * Residual Income * Paid Weekly * Benefits (After 3 Months) * All-expenses-paid yearly office trips to exciting and . AmericanMarijuana.org shall select one (1) applicant from the entire list of eligible applicants. Their. From traditional mymarijuana product tester to convertible models, the . How can I become a Cannabis Tester? I live life Thanking GOD for this 8ft plant I ask the government to let me grow my own Medical Marijuana so I can afford to live money wise cause right now on disability and the price of the store bought flower is way to high for me on SSA /SSD Applicants will be allowed to work remotely but will have to meet deadlines and quotas for all product reviews, articles and videos. We normally respond in 24-48 hours. Im an artist, rapper, and actor. You love reading about cannabis and looking at cool images, dont you? A website dedicated to news about the marijuana industry wants to pay someone $3,000 a month to test and review . Conversely, the ban on cannabis vaping influencers is pretty much real, and people are losing their accounts in a matter of seconds. Yes, its entirely possible with these awesome weed jobs. To this end, even mishaps can serve you well. Admittedly, becoming a grower isnt the best option among all the jobs in the cannabis industry. Live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal. was all over the cannabis news when they published a cannabis ad for a pot reviewer. Companies pay good money to get a detailed opinion on their products. You can even, Some of these cannabis jobs take serious preparation. For access, call the lab at 916-924-5227. I cannot stand pills. I would love to try new strains & give feedback on the results of each strain on my pain & overall wellness! I need the job, Im disabled & barely survivin with my dyein dad! Many of our visitors are medical cannabis patients looking for strains, potencies, and cannabinoids accurately tailored to their specific . Im very interested in a job like this For me weed is not just a plant its a Medication, Greetings To Everyone Reading This Comment. mymarijuana product tester. Get Paid. theres little to think about but apply for becoming a cannabis rep asap! Influencers usually specialize in a specific niche, so you would be a kind of a cannabis reviewer. Have your say and earn money for your opinion. You just need a mobile phone, a few ideas, and a Tik Tok account to hash that tag (#weed)! The applicant will be paid up to $3,000 monthly or $36,000 yearly depending on their experience and their capabilities. First of all im not from US but i want to earn alot by doing the things that I love. Thank you for any consideration, anyone asking how to apply your not smart enough for thi job or you dont pay attention to what your reading, Hubby has Leukemia this could work for him. In that case, you can always check the, National Cannabis Industry Association jobs, , so not only will you get some cash and enjoy a good smoke, but youll also be helping humanity, find out a bit more about the beneficial cannabis effects. Writing is something that I am passionate about to; for having been raised by an English teacher and being a grammar Nazi myself haha. All you have to do is: We look forward to hearing from you and being part of our growing team! , which sometimes even start off as hobbies, are. Let CPT assist with your CBD Product Testing from your Cannabis-derived raw materials to the final Cannabinoid-containing products. Im bi-polar, with PTSD, I also have nerve damage, spinal disc problems, and heart problems. Your DD or RP (who also receives compensation) will be required to sign a document attesting that they have not consumed any alcohol or any other controlled substance, on the study date, that would impair their ability to drive a motor vehicle or ensure your safe return home, nor is their intention to consume any such substances after leaving the test facility. 2016 2022 Marijuana Jobs Cannabis Careers Cannabis Job Search & Post Jobs for Free Terms Privacy Sitemap. Discussion. Those of you who cant figure out how to apply you just disqualified your own self. Gemini 6697 Instagram. That largely depends on a companys requirements. I love testing new products and samples. Can you. For comparison, Master growers in Denver earn an average of $92,476 per year. Were going to lay out all the job requirements, challenges, benefits, and potential salaries. Sometimes you are asked to pick up products and try them at home but, for the most part, testing is done at one of our field sites, conveniently located in your area. An influencers reputation rests on their authority, knowledge, and rapport with the followers. true, you can hardly expect when you apply for a cannabis writing job that youll be sent a couple of nugs by the company to boost your creativity. Comfortable to openly write about weed under your real name even if your grandma finds out! Their current net worth is $32,000. Qualified candidates must at least 18 and a resident of a US state or Canadian territory where the drug is . The casual cannabis community, Press J to jump to the feed. and post photos and stories according to it. If you make a brand out of yourself, the skys the limit! A company is offering someone $32k a year to smoke cannabis. Posted: (5 days ago) cannabis work from home jobs Sort by: relevance - date 291 jobs Kentucky Medical Cannabis Physician NuggMD Remote in Kentucky $10,000 - $15,000 a month Full-time + 1 Monday to Friday + 1 View all 3 available locations Accountant / Bookkeeper (Full-Cycle) - Work From Home, Fully Remote (US Only) Accountingprose Remote . A cannabis enthusiast, fascinated by the plants healing powers and the ever-changing world of the marijuana industry, trying to work out what is going on and let you know all the fun details thats my mission here. At the moment, LoudCloudHealth does not have such a job opening, but you could definitely try to become a weed ambassador. Im a long time cannabis user that would love to complete reviews for you. You can, learn how to grow marijuana from a simple guide. I have RA and this would be great for me.Im not a daily smoker so I think I would be great for this job, Been smoking for 20+ .love two be apart of that, Im all for medicinal useI have Degenerative Disc Disease, sleep apnea, and high blood pressureI would love to apply. mymarijuana product tester. On average, a ganjier salary is $62,927 per year. Alas, the smoke-weed-and-get-paid content is not suitable for advertisements, resulting in lower YouTube profit. Could you do that? Ok, I only meet one requirement from the job posting. You may still register even if you do not live proximate to a test centre. Looking for a job in the 420 industry and I keep seeing tons of these positions open to be a product tester for MyMarijuana, and I cant seem to find anything that points to either it being legit or it being a fraud. Accountant Account Manager Administrative Analyst Advertiser Apparel Assistant Associate Bookkeeper Budtender Cashier Chemist Compliance Consultant Cultivator Custodian Customer Service Delivery Driver Director Dispatcher . You can also enroll in various programs and, and have fun? Records Supervisor. Good luck! Applicants must also be comfortable in front of the camera. Before you go fill out the application, make sure you have all of the social media accounts that they require and then make your video. I believe the fact that I have a background in cannabis and dont smoke. I would like to be a product tester. If they did this, they should immediately be disqualified for not following directions. 41 Followers, 28 Following, 3 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cannabis Product Tester (@aplus_bud) KENNEBUNK, Maine - Voters on Tuesday approved amendments to the town's zoning ordinance to allow state-licensed, adult-use marijuana testing facilities within the local Business Park Zoning . Smoking, eating or using cbd would be that much easier. The application is open until October 1st. if this is a legit opportunity you would be wise to pick me as one of your testers. Posted. Dispensary jobs in Missouri are becoming available as the program develops, including cities like Kansas City, St Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, Lee's Summit, and St Joseph. Thank you, I would like to be a cannabis tester please message me thank u. Ive never tried Cannabis in my life. Its good for most anything. Applicants must send a bio/resume and head shot or a 60 second intro video so we can learn more about you. Let this plant from GODs creation the earth help me and many other because It does help Applicants will get to try over 600 different CBD products (, This is the question that many cannabis lovers are asking themselves. Free Marijuana Seeds Canada - Join our tester program and grow weed seeds for free. You can Post Your Job & Career or Submit Your Resume on our virtual job board website for FREE in the following regions: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Canada. I dont work outside the home and have all the time in the world to dedicate to this. Florida's legal medical marijuana business is expected to generate about $456 million in sales in 2018, according to a study from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. I would like to be part of your quality assurance team. Naturally, you could be earning from doing reviews and making affiliate deals. I smoke because of my arthritis & because it helps me relaxe my body & mind~ In most legal states, cannabis products that you purchase from a licensed facility are required to undergo a series of tests by a state-accredited lab. I have a clear fresh opinion on grading criteria. Pretty much as in any other modeling job. Some are better than others. The salary range will depend on the candidates experience and skills. We all still remember the big cannabis purge that took place three years ago when YouTube suddenly shut down cannabis channels for no justifiable reasons. Cap the ampoule with the plastic lid and shake it well. coping with lockdown anxiety, improving sleep, or recovering from injury. Based on employee reviews, some of the best employers come from the following companies: In other words, while you can get paid to smoke weed at home, you can also become a part of the cannabis industry as a CEO, director of cultivation, or testing lab manager and get a hefty wage. An influencers reputation rests on their authority, knowledge, and rapport with the followers. Keeping you high and healthy! We just need to see vapor come out of the vaporizers for testing purposes, the exact type of herb that is vaped is up to the candidate.". The kind of equipment involved can vary depending on whether the crops are indoors or outdoors. Are you ready to live the dream and get paid to smoke weed completely legally and live off it? View your Green Leaf Lab test information. We dont have an opening for a product tester, but you can check out the options we listed in the article and hopefully find one or more that suit you best. Yeah it seemed like a major scam to me so I ended up just avoiding it entirely. As you can see, its rather difficult to become the chosen one as the competition is enormous. Would love to apply for this. Thanks for the consideration. Pik me plz been smokin since i was 20,,,30+ yrs, I may hire all of you. How do I sign up? On the other hand, becoming a recognized weed tester could help you gain followers and become a canna-influencer. junio 16, 2022 . 2K followers. But wait, before you apply, make sure to read what their CEO, Brad McLaughlin has to say: The applicant must be proficient in writing and be able to post their reviews online as well as be comfortable on camera for unboxing videos, demo videos, Facebook Live videos, Instagram Live videos as well as YouTube and Snapchat video. You must be able to make your own travel arrangements to the test site. Essentially, theyre a law firm specializing in helping California individuals and businesses with legal issues obtain licenses. on the brands page (name, surname, email, zip code). Hire me and will do it for free and as long as you let me smoke your product. Right now, you can join MyMarijuana which is currently looking for a product tester/reviewer (up to $2,500 per month). Mark Moore. All good with us! How do I become a Cannabis Tester? Browse the net regularly for cannabis jobs or cannabis news, and work on your skills in the meantime. Pass on that. A website dedicated to news about the marijuana industry wants to pay someone $3,000 a month to test and review cannabis products. To get paid to smoke weed in Denver, you can work with MyMarijuana. The products youll receive include but certainly wont be limited to: Cannabis and CBD flower, pre-rolls, edibles, oils and tinctures, infused beverages, vaporizers, topicals, and cannabis lubes. If youre someone with a talent for honest, unbiased, and persuasive writing and a passion for all things cannabis and CBD, we want to know who you are, where you come from, and the skills you can bring to the CBD Oracle team! mymarijuana product tester. As for the salary, one shoot could be worth several hundred dollars. I take this very seriously and would love to participate in this study. Include a headshot of yourself. Its a plant that was used at one time and could have made many lives so much more enjoyable if they were allowed to use Marijuana Wish I knew my birth mom, Name warchild the one I use or fake below. I was born and raised in the bay area and spent lot of time in San Francisco throughout my life. If you get paid, it will undoubtedly bring in some revenue. We provide the cannabis, you provide the reviews and be paid handsomely for your hard work! The application is right there in the article. Cheers, let me know. I have epilepsy, chronic pancreatitis from alcohol, bipolar depression and Major depressive disorder and a broken collarbone which was not reset properly. Due to these and similar restrictions, jobs in the cannabis industry, which sometimes even start off as hobbies, are very much in demand. I am very interested in being a marijuana tester! I need help. Sometimes we will ask you to be part of a focus group, where you will be discussing a product, service or idea with other testers and a moderator that will lead the discussion. Admittedly, sometimes your qualification to get paid to smoke cannabis depends on whether you suffer from the desired condition. have a very open scheduel. Been smoking for over 35 years. Disclaimer: Content may be used by International Highlife, uploaded content is reviewed before publishing. Apart from passion and vigor, you should possess some knowledge of the matter and be able to interpret the results in the best way possible. To get paid to smoke weed, first sign up on YouTube, open a channel, and have some kind of camera for filming. Cannabis is a highly profitable industry, especially its CBD branch. Production Technician. To request removal please contact us at [email protected] . I smoke weed, have done so for 17 yrs for pain and depression. You can also enroll in various programs and become a certified ganjier. I love weed and would t know what to do with out it. Remote. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. mymarijuana product tester2nd battalion, 4th field artillery regiment. Showing off your looks and cannabis skills on social media is also an option. content is not suitable for advertisements, resulting in lower YouTube profit. That can be a serious issue. , so if you have 10,000 of them, that would equal. Thank you for your cooperation. Register to become a product tester. The outcome will be simply incredible! How does one apply for this job ? Its decriminalized but still illegal for recreational use.