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Safari Rocks – Pride Of America

Aloha Safari Helicopters! I am submitting my tour experience because it was nothing less than exceptional. I am an Oahu resident who happened to get a really good deal on a 7 day multi-island cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line’s vessel, The Pride of America. Everything was wonderful! We did our online research on helicopter companies […]

Safari’s 30th Birthday Party

Safari Helicopter celebrates it’s 30th birthday. That’s Right! Safari Helicopters officially turned 30 years old on October 1st 2017. Congratulations to everyone involved in making Safari Helicopters a successful family operated business over the past 30 years. We are thankful for everyone involved in the process; from the pilots, office staff, and maintenance crew. We […]

Something New

Aloha Safari Community! There are new things in the pipeline coming to Safari really soon. This blog is just one of those new things. We are excited to have this blog online to keep up with friends, family, and tour alumni. You are all a part of our success here at Safari Helicopters and we […]