Safari combines the right equipment, practices and experience to make this the safest and most comfortable experience possible.

We are proud of our safety record. Our policy is to exceed safety standards set forth by the FAA

– Preston Myers, Owner & Pilot

Many helicopter operators, including most in Hawaii, cannot attain the first-class rating maintained by Safari.

– AvQuest Insurance Agency

10 stars — the highest ever awarded by the Hawaii Helicopter Operator’s Association.

– Grace Myers, Owner

How Do We Do It?

Solid Equipment

Safari utilizes the toughest, most robust helicopter in Hawaii because the safety of passengers and pilots is paramount. Our state-of-the-art Safari A-STARs are flown nowhere near full power; another built-in safety precaution because if the pilot needs a little extra lift, the power is right there. Safety first, then an exciting and unique helicopter adventure is next.

Smooth, Smart and Level

Conditions change daily and even hourly. You can expect Safari Helicopters pilots to fly the safest and most scenic route for the given day. Pilots monitor combine weather data with their intimate knowledge of the varied micro-climates in Hawaii. Each day is different, and that’s where experience comes in.

Meticulous Maintenance

Safari always makes it standard practice to balance the aircraft and make general inspections for each and every flight. “Safety is in the details, not by chance” says owner Preston Myers. Our policy is to exceed safety standards and practices set forth by the FAA.

Relax and Ride In Comfort

The state-of-the-art Safari A-STAR is flown nowhere near what its full power can achieve. This is another built-in safety precaution, because if the pilot needs a little extra lift, the power is right there. For you as our valued customer and precious cargo, know that we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the quality and comfort of your experience.